Who we are

and Innovation

The foundation of the farm dates back from '70s by the work of Mr. Filiberto Venturi with seat in the hearth of the best zone for the production of Marche wine.
A tender super-imposition of hills and landscape, where the memory and the palate are abode of ancient pleasures and traditions, which don't fade away as time passed, on the contrary they strengthen.
In this land the ancient Gallic tribe of Senones founded the village of "Castelleone di Suasa" where the culture joined to the wine and the history mixes and takes shape.
Mr. Filiberto has founded almost all his life in this history; since he was a child he devotes himself to the work of the vine with passion and perseverance, producing wine just for himself and for a little number of people and friends.
Now this passion flew into a small farm which is just in Castelleone di Suasa, founded for his will around 10 years ago.
From then on it was added the desire and the tenacity of his child Roberto, who fully supported the father's work; wine has always passed nearby him since he was a child; then at the end of his studies it was as though he was drawn and invited to enter upon this journey in the marvellous world of wine.